“Amanda is a catalyst to bring change into people’s lives”

On this page, you will read some information about me … Amanda Antcliff. I’ve chosen not to present to you my resume but rather – as a PERSONAL coach – to keep this introduction just that, personal! My aim is for you to know a little about where I have come from and what I currently do, but most importantly what motivates and inspires me. My husband and I call our life ‘Pat and Amanda’s Excellent Adventures’ so these are some of the highlights…

MY BACKGROUND: After school, I completed a degree in science, which led me to work in the different areas of health and the environment. I have lived most of my life in Sydney’s northern beaches and spent two exciting and challenging years in the Philippines where I worked with a not-for-profit organisation. I have established four successful businesses with my husband, two of which we have sold. For the majority of my working life I’ve been involved in training, coaching and mentoring adults, both individually and in a group capacity, and in corporate settings and the VET sector. One of my other loves is writing. I am a published author of the book, Women Rising, and a contract instructional designer.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Food Science), a Post Graduate Certificate in Careers Development and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.


Here’s a little about what drives and inspires me:

My Values: ‘I value my family, my friends and my faith. I cherish life and see it as a gift to be embraced and treasured. I value personal growth and desire to maximize my own potential and purpose – and to help others realize theirs. Commitment, courage, integrity, hard work, faithfulness, creativity and adventure, are all virtues I value highly.’

My Passions: ‘I am passionate about journeying life together with others. I flourish on empowering and motivating, and I love being a catalyst to bring change into people’s lives. I gain personal satisfaction from helping others succeed and grow in the four C’s: clarity, courage, confidence and competence.’

My Style: ‘I like the balance of personal and professional - my aim is excellence with warmth. What I teach or coach I have applied to my own life. In all that I do, my desire is to speak words that are encouraging and insightful and to impart a belief in the uniqueness, potential and strength in every person.’